Delivering extra everything – from sketches and code to a custom IFE system

All Nippon Airways (ANA) of Japan has a new cabin system for entertainment, service and shopping that’s as easy to use as it is advanced, thanks to comprehensive behind-the-scenes work. Tactel developed, built and designed the system from scratch.

Providing hundreds of hours of wireless entertainment in the sky

Passengers onboard Etihad Airways can now easily stream movies, TV shows, music and more on their own devices. Our Tactel team designed the wireless web portal that makes it possible.

Sweden’s most-used banking app

Swedbank’s vast majority of customer meetings take place in their banking app – which Tactel has developed and is constantly improving.

Safeguarding one billion contacts

No one should have to worry about a lost contact list. That’s why we built Telenor’s My Contacts service. For 10 years, it’s served millions of customers. And the service continues to evolve with new solutions and answers to users’ needs.

Working together to get people moving

Fliplife is an app service that triggers people to move more every day. As a partner, Tactel has honed the start-up company’s concept and developed a happy, motivating design that links data to personal challenges and physical rewards.

A smooth Wi-Fi Experience

Get there faster.

A Personal Experience Onboard

MyKrisWorld represents a paradigm shift in inflight entertainment.

From an unknown start-up to a global service

Developing the music industry with a digital solution.