Sweden’s most-used banking app

Swedbank’s vast majority of customer meetings take place in their banking app – which Tactel has developed and is constantly improving.

To create an app that provides the best possible service to four million private users and countless businesses in Sweden. To work with real-life development that realizes and reinforces the company’s ambition. To constantly deliver secure, well-tested features that live up to expectations. This is what our collaboration with Swedbank looks like.

Test, customize, repeat

Tactel develops Swedbank’s mobile banking apps for both iOS and Android, as well as smartphones and tablets. In terms of the number of logins, the app is the bank’s most-used digital service. Through close teamwork, we ensure the technically- and security-challenging development is always tested in the best possible way. With many parallel projects and new features, there’s no shortcut. It’s essential to test, test, test and test some more. All the time – again and again.

Small changes for a big difference

Currently, more than a dozen projects within the app are underway at Tactel. Through test-driven development, iterations and ongoing deliveries, we ensure the functions in Swedbank’s app meet the bank’s customer promise. Sometimes, hours of development and refinement lead to a successful release. Other times, the same number of hours lead to a barely noticeable, but still extremely important, improvement for their customers.

Security at the core

When financial services meet software, security requirements are sky-high. That’s why our collaboration with Swedbank sets both high security requirements and demands stable, long-term development. Lightning-fast identification must simultaneously be secure identification. As more custom features are added, more functionality is required for the entire app to work smoothly and safely.

Collaboration with synergy

With more than four million customers in Sweden, Swedbank is not only the country’s most trusted bank, it’s also one of the largest in the Nordic region. For us, Swedbank is both a strong and rewarding customer to work with – strong because of high ambitions and clearly identified needs; rewarding for giving us the opportunity for a tight and developing collaboration.

Cool to be in the know? Swedbank’s youth-centric app

The app for young people gives teens a chance to keep track of their money, refill their mobile account and shake their phone to see their bank balance. They can also create their own savings goals and use Lånkollen, a tool to monitor what’s borrowed/owed. Learn more here.

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