Working together to get people moving

Fliplife is an app service that triggers people to move more every day. As a partner, Tactel has honed the start-up company’s concept and developed a happy, motivating design that links data to personal challenges and physical rewards.

Everyone knows it’s important, even vital, to move around and be active every day. But knowing is not the same as doing. Getting off the couch or standing up at a desk requires motivation. When the start-up company Fliplife turned to us, they had identified a number of human triggers. They wanted to take advantage of these triggers to develop a service that seriously encourages and kickstarts users to move – and rewards them for doing so. But how?

At Tactel, we start by listening and asking questions – not offering answers. Our process helps us to sift through, target, focus and find what’s unique. For Fliplife, there were already plenty of figures and graphs that measure the littlest movement. So we chose a different path – a personal service where the user is spurred on by challenges and contests and is rewarded with real gifts from select stores.

Because we were hired already at the idea stage, we could develop models for technical solutions and functions at various cost levels. This became a road map with alternative routes to follow.

From couch potato to party mode

Instead of building the visual expression based on clinical statistics, we focused on joy, warmth and energy. The app, which is primarily geared toward women, has its own cartoon character with clear expressions, whether she sits cuddled on the couch at home or celebrates a reward by dancing in a rain of confetti.

“Tactel contributed with its vast experience in creating digital, global consumer services and was a close partner who held our hand throughout the process.”
Malin Marken, fonder and CEO of Fliplife

Jonas Hasselgren


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