Many ways to more quality time

We help you where you are and where you want to be, from a first stage to a long journey. Maybe you need a workshop to explore actual needs and unexpected opportunities. Or you’re ready for smooth concept development, reliable realization and proactive maintenance. All paths lead to your digital service becoming an indispensable part of your customers’ lives and your business.

Concept & strategy

Before we begin any concept work, we develop a picture of your needs and your customers’ needs. Based on these insights, we create concepts that can be anything from small steps in an evolution to completely new innovative services that could be revolutionary.

Service & UX design

Design is one of our strong suits, even if the user rarely notices it. We use insight about user needs to drive our design process, which ensures the services we create are intuitive, easy and self-explanatory.

Prototype development

By building prototypes to evaluate new ideas and concepts we believe in, we can quickly find the gems. This allows us to test solutions and verify user patterns in customer groups to determine what really works.

Development & testing

Our technical choices are always based on the project’s prerequisites and a balance of what’s modern, stable and long-term. Through ongoing deliveries and test-driven development with small iterations, every release to users is a safe milestone.

Proactive maintenance

One step ahead is where we want to be, even in our daily responsibilities. That’s why our service maintenance uses procedures, processes and tools that immediately capture errors and deviations – often before your customers can react.

Let's start with hello

Each project, process and relationship begins with communication.

The art of providing a service

Forget the technology – at first, anyway. The initial step is to find out how to best serve your customers. This research shifts focus from technology to users and the value they expect.

Start by understanding

We work with an iterative process that helps us start off on the right foot and ensures customer benefits never get lost along the way. Every project begins with client collaboration to find out why and for whom the service should be created. Interviews, workshops, focus groups and data analysis help us gain a good understanding of user needs.

Learn from reality

Based on our findings in the understanding phase, we develop concepts that we evaluate quickly – typically with the aid of prototypes and user tests. The breadth of competence under our roof reduces the risk of gaps that can arise between the design and development phases. We design what we can build, and we build what we design.

Make it happen, repeatedly

Agile teams – that’s how we do things, with project managers who take overall delivery responsibility or share it with the client. When we implement the concept, we continue to test, adapt, test and adapt to discover successes and failures. By testing fast and falling into some traps, we learn to avoid them – and move ahead swiftly. Ideally, we’re never finished. When we’re able to further develop a service over time, everyone wins.

Industries and projects we spend time with

We have clients across the world in a variety of industries, from finance and retail to aviation and the Internet of Things. Our projects range in size from smaller development and/or management assignments to larger, multi-year strategic partnerships. It’s just enough to challenge us, inspire us and make us quick thinkers. Regardless of the assignment, client or industry, the customer demands the same – a service that simplifies or enriches daily life.

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