Safeguarding one billion contacts

No one should have to worry about a lost contact list. That’s why we built Telenor’s My Contacts service. For 10 years, it’s served millions of customers. And the service continues to evolve with new solutions and answers to users’ needs.

Anyone who’s experienced losing all their phone contacts knows how cumbersome and frustrating it is. That’s why Telenor, one of the largest telecom operators in the world, wanted to offer its customers a safe, convenient solution. About a decade ago, My Contacts was launched – a service and comprehensive solution our Tactel team created from the ground up.

The My Contacts app makes it easy to back up, restore and transfer contacts on your phone. But not only that. Today, you can also get help to clear duplicates as well as structure and sort all names, numbers and addresses. The help is appreciated, and the service is actively used both in the Nordic region and globally. It’s also adapted as users’ needs change and new opportunities emerge.

A service is never fully developed, no matter how appreciated it is. For it to remain relevant, it must be at the forefront, every day – even tomorrow.

To ensure potential issues don’t have the slightest opportunity to become problems, our Tactel team is consistently one step ahead. Just as mobile users can rely on My Contacts, Telenor can trust we have complete control so that the system always meets their high expectations.

“Our team has all the skills required to work proactively with technical development, design and support. We also have well-established methods for testing and code review that ensure quality.”
Johan Stenlund, Head of Development at Tactel

Knowing who’s calling

For a long time, many users have wished for the ability to know who’s calling – even if the caller isn’t a listed contact. By connecting different number services to My Contacts, this is now possible. In addition, users will be able to update their saved contacts and add missing information easily. In Norway, the function, See Who (Se Hvem), is already available.

“Tactel is a very good partner. We discuss different solutions together, create road maps and timelines to streamline how we work and hold tight follow-up meetings.”
Amel Misimovic, product owner at Telenor

Det här gör vi

  • Set up and management of a server environment that can handle millions of users
  • Development of backend
  • Development of web solutions
  • Development of mobile apps
  • Testing
  • Design, in collaboration with Telenor
  • Second-line support and 24/7 on-call
  • Strategy and product planning

Johan Stenlund

Utvecklingschef | Head of Development

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