Designing products
and services
A successful service =
happy business + happy users

For a new digital service to become really successful it needs to make both the business and its customers happy. For us, this is a key approach when we help our customers create their next great thing.

People waiting in an airport

Figuring out for whom and why

To create a great service you need to know why and for whom you are creating it, so our work always start with empathy and insight. Through stakeholder interviews, workshops, focus groups, and data analysis we paint as good a picture as possible of the business and its customers. This enables us to get to know the customers, their goals and needs, and to learn more about what drives the business and what business value they want to create. It’s an integral part and lays the foundation for the upcoming design work.

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Shaping the service

Based on our research and insight into customer and business needs, we create concepts ranging from small iterations and innovations to the next possible disruptive service. Without doubt, one of the most important tools in this process is the customer journey maps we create. They allow us to follow and understand all customer interactions with a business, through all touchpoints. They tell the story of how, when, and most importantly why a customer interact with a business. They help us streamline not only these interactions but also the business process that create efficiency and delight on both sides.

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Making sure it actually works

To find the gems among the concepts we believe in, we evaluate and verify each by prototyping and testing them on the customer groups discovered during our research. Together we find out which concepts best meets the customers goals, and creates the most value for the business.