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We take pride in not only being an exceptional design studio, but also one with deep technological roots. Over many years of experience in mobile, financial and aviation development, we’ve built expertise in everything from early prototyping (in close collaboration with designers) to high-performing, well maintained, and future proof code that is running on hundreds of millions of devices.

Every row of code matters

Get your app into the market

The use of a mobile application should work in every context. Depending on who the user is and what the app needs to achieve we develop the applications for every specific need. Our developers are experts in Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web applications.

When the app if vital for business

Använd rätt ramverk

För att lyckas med dina mål och snabba upp leveranstiden så använder vi gärna befintliga ramverk. Vi levererar många mobila ramverk beroende på krav och budget.

  • Native iOS och Swift med utveckling i XCode.
  • Native Android med utveckling i Java
  • React Native med komplement av Redux
  • Responsive Web 

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