Digital innovations that increase customer loyalty – today and in the future

Jun 12, 2018

Future consumers will widely expect companies to develop products that offer them comfort without affecting the environment. The companies that can not keep up with these changing demands will not be able to keep their customers. In order for companies to continue to deliver in this new environment, digital innovation is a necessity.

An increasing number of companies are feeling anxious about navigating through today’s complex digital landscape, and many are struggling to maintain customer loyalty. The future requires companies to develop innovative, flexible, user-friendly and personalized solutions. Simultaneously, consumers place high demands on product development to be conducted in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner. These consumer demands on how companies develop their products can sound very constricting, but there is a broad future.

A preview on future digital solutions

At the International Air Fair in Hamburg, a new digital solution that combines maximum user-friendliness with minimal environmental impact was introduced. Together with Panasonic, Tactel has been involved in defining, designing and building the newly developed cloud-based service NEXT. NEXT enables airlines to expand their already existing loyalty programs, making it possible for them to provide even better personal service on board, while relieving the travellers’ bad conscience for the environment.

NEXT is designed to create a home experience and allows passengers to:

  • adjust selections, like movies and food, in advance
  • connect their mobile device, to access personal pre-selections, unlock other exclusive features and access tailor made offers.
  • see clear, 4K-quality movies while leaning back in noise-cancelling seats and enjoying the pre-selected food.

In addition to the increased comfort, NEXT also offers benefits from a sustainability perspective:

  • since airlines are able to collect and analyze passenger’s user patterns, it also becomes easier to plan resource needs more efficiently than ever before.
  • millions of tons of food is wasted every year in the airline industry alone, but NEXT makes it easier to predict the resource needs and almost completely reduce the waste.

NEXT is a unique product that combines increased user comfort without compromising the environment, something that customers will take for granted in the future. We say this is just the beginning, and one of many examples of how today’s companies must act to meet future challenges and maintain customer loyalty.

Do you want to know more about how Tactel are designing digital innovations? Please contact Jonas Hasselgren