Making everyday mobile
life a bit easier
The Mobical and Reach Platforms

For more than 10 years, telecom operators all around the world have relied on our Mobical and Reach products to simplify their customers mobile lives. Today, despite fierce competition from platform developers, these products continue to grow rapidly in size and appreciation.

Keep – the demo version of Mobical

Mobical – Backup & Restore Without Pain

Mobical is a mobile service for easy backup, restoration and migration of contacts. It supports a vast majority of available phone models and includes easy-to-use web tools to find contacts, merge duplicates and manage contact lists.

Mobical has been tailored and integrated into operators systems for over a decade, serving millions of users in Europe, Asia and Africa. A free demo service is available at

The Reach public demo version

Reach – True Remote Control

Reach is an application that makes your Android life a little easier. It connects your phone to your computer through our live connection backend, making all of your activity accessible through your browser. Compared to similar services, Reach doesn’t rely on your phone and your computer being connected to the same network. Try it out for free here.

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