In good company Recruiting is the Most Important Thing We Do

We’re a team of over 90 people sharing 3 studios in Malmö, Stockholm and Umeå, Sweden. We say “team” because we understand that Tactel can only be as good as the people that compose it. That’s why we strive to hire hungry, humble and smart people who want to push technological boundaries with us and help us create the amazing products we envision.


Why work at Tactel?

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What works for you? We believe in letting you pick the tools and tech that suit you best

We want to give people the best opportunity to live, thrive and do what they do best. So we strongly believe you’ll do your best work if you pick what technology and software you want to work with. After all, you’re the expert.

Our work takes us All over the world

From California to Japan and in between, we work for clients on both a global and local scale. At Tactel, you’ll find yourself working on both a wide variety of projects spanning the globe, and in a wide variety of industries like Finance, Retail, Aviation and Internet of Things.

We’re proud of our culture Really, really proud

It can’t be said enough so we’ll say it again: we’re proud of our culture! We like to test new things and work at the frontiers of technology. We explore the edge, and then push the boundaries again, and again. Beyond just working together, we believe that having fun together and helping each other is what makes us great.

And here we are

Malmö studio

Tactel Malmö HQ

Norra Vallgatan 64
SE-211 22
Malmö, Sweden
+46 40 250 600

Tactel Umeå

Östra Strandgatan 26A
SE-903 33
Umeå, Sweden
+46 40 250 600

Umeå studio
Stockholm studio

Tactel Stockholm

Regeringsgatan 52
SE-111 56
Stockholm, Sweden
+46 40 250 600